Masters of Marine Strategy to be published

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Professor Feng Liang, Deputy Director of the Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies, Head of Research Platform on Navigation Freedom, Security and Stability of South China Sea and Professor of Naval Command College, "Masters of Maritime Strategy" will soon be published by Nanjing University Press in cooperation with many domestic experts on maritime issues. The book selects seven masters of maritime strategy who have made outstanding academic achievements in the field of maritime strategy and naval strategy and have had a significant impact on the development of their countries' oceans (the Brothers Colomb and Corbett of the UK, Castan of France, Mahan and Layman of the US, Gorshkov of the USSR, Tetsusaburo Sato of Japan, and Panikkar of India, respectively), with the aim of comprehensively introducing the content of their strategic thinking, capturing their academic essence, analyzing their academic influence, and providing a reference for China's marine career and marine strategy research.

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